Services & Rates

Our Services & Rates

We offer a variety of services to get your everyday needs met. We always do this in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible by planning out our routes on a daily basis, using sustainable products, and helping our clients make small changes that will help them do their part for the environment and community. We have a list of resources and service providers that we use in Houston. 

All initial consultations are FREE. 

Eco Modern Concierge is part of the Houston Super Bowl LI 2017 Resource Guide Feel free to go check out all the local Houston businesses vetted to be part of the resource guide.

Select a Category:

        -- Green Consulting

        -- Personal Errands and Assistant Work

        -- Business Services

        -- Home Management and Organization

        -- Baby/Children Organization

        -- Phone Consultation & Virtual Organizing

Gift Certificates available upon request.

Eco Modern Concierge is bonded & insured.

Please note there is a 2 hour minimum and Eco Modern Concierge requires an agreement to be signed before beginning any work. This includes work in the Houston area and outside of Houston.