Eco Modern Concierge Client Testimonials

Read the testimonials from our clients we have been working with for several years! Contact Eco Modern Concierge if you want to hire a personal assistant, concierge or professional organizer. Call today to get a consultation.

Eco Modern Concierge Testimonials

I, Amy Vance, am beyond grateful for ALL of my AMAZING and WONDERFUL clients!! Below are some testimonials from current and past clients that range from personal assistant / concierge projects to professional organizing projects. Many of these clients I have been working with for 7+ years. I appreciate all the work, referrals and projects that are sent my way. THANK YOU!!!

If you would like to work with Eco Modern Concierge please email us, or call us 281-961-1914. Hope to hear from you!

Eco Modern Concierge Testimonials

  • “Amy deserves 6 stars on a scale of 1-5. is incredible and a total life saver. I travel a significant amount for work and am out of town more than I'm in town. I've worked with Amy for 5 years and she has greatly improved my quality of life. She helps me stay on top of things in my personal life that otherwise would fall through the cracks given my work and travel schedule. From running errands like dry cleaning, groceries and going to the post office, to organizing my office, consolidating bills and even planning parties -- Amy does it all. She is proactive and even remembers birthdays of friends I like to send flowers to! What's more impressive still, is her attitude. She is honest, trustworthy and treats everyone she works with professionally. She is extremely efficient, communicates well and is the definition of organized. I cannot say enough good things about her and it really is hard to imagine my life "pre-Amy".” Erinn M. Houston, TX

  • “Oh my goodness! Where do I begin!! Amy is simply THE BEST!! She organized my pantry first and then I asked her to come back to my house to speak to my investment group. She did a fantastic job at both!! Everyone loved her!! Then I asked her come help me organize my laundry room and office area which are both so much more functional now! Then I asked her to come tackle my closet which needed a lot of help! It took two days but it is such a pleasure getting dressed now!! I had to do a lot of purging but it was so much easier to part with items I never used with Amy's encouragement. Lastly, we cleaned out our exercise room which had become a catch-all for unused furniture and just a lot stuff! Everything is now where is should be and we can use the room for what it was intended. Amy is one of the hardest working and most pleasant individuals I have ever met!! We have become good friends during this process and I encourage anyone who is even thinking about giving her a call to do it now!! I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!” Anita G. Friendswood, TX

  • “Working with Amy from Eco Modern Concierge is a wonderful experience. She helped us with our garage as well as a bonus room and she was able to accomplish more in 4 hours than I would have in a week. I would definitely recommend working with Amy.” Mitra W. Houston, TX

  • “We hired Amy for 2 sessions at 2 hours each to help organize parts of our house, and I can’t believe how much got accomplished (three rooms and a closet!). Amy is professional and nonjudgmental, and what I appreciate most is that she figures out organizational solutions based on what you already own, rather than pushing additional products. We’ll definitely be hiring Amy for the last few rooms of our house.” Coty M. Houston, TX

  • “Amy came down to Mission Centers of Houston to organize a large walk-in closet that several people use for many different ministries. Due to the nature of this project, she had a very challenging task ahead of her. She asked that I send her pictures ahead of time so that she could be prepared! She was very professional and positive through this job and within a few hours she organized everything in such a way that different people could quickly find their items and all were happy with the new way to store their materials (it's hard to please everyone in any workplace, but she did it! ). It's been two months since Amy came and due to her expert organizational skills, everything is still in their places. If you have a monumental task, Amy is the one to call ! She is pleasant and very easy to work with and you'll be ecstatic with the outcome!” Cheryl C. Houston, TX

  • “Amy helped me organize several spaces in my new home. I moved in my home at 36 weeks pregnant and called her at 37 weeks desperate for some help. I couldn’t bend over much less think about the energy required to organize a new space. She was quick to respond and made time for me right away. I had to leave her both times and hope that she did what I wanted and I was not disappointed. She took the lead and really took the guess work out of it for me. I’m the type of person who knew what organizing items I wanted to use, so I purchased those myself. But I would highly recommend her to do that for you as well because she had a lot of good ideas and was able to tell me where I would find the best prices for what I wanted.

    I referred a friend to her and they’re using her as well. I will definitely be calling Amy again in the future and could see myself using her annually just to keep me refreshed and organized. Thanks Amy!” - Jodi B. Houston, TX

  • “Amy is AMAZING! I contacted her through her website a few days after we moved into our newly remodeled house. I was completely overwhelmed and there was literally stuff on every surface of my kitchen. Amy called me within a few hours and we had our initial consultation and set up time to get to work super fast! Not only did she help me figure out where to put things she helped me unpack them and put them all away. LIFESAVER! She also helped me reorganize my playroom so quickly and efficiently!” - Susannah M. Houston, TX

  • “Amy is the absolutely the best. She’s professional, kind, thorough and incredible at what she does. I got her name from a good friend who worked with her after Harvey. I know she helped that family put their life back together, and she helped me slough a huge weight off my shoulders (and get to the next step in my professional life) by clearing out my home office and nightmare closet. I no longer fear walking into those rooms that once felt so out of control after my move. Her rates are totally reasonable, she’s flexible and non-judgmental, which is especially nice if you’re embarrassed about your mess. :) I liked her so much; she really made the time go by quickly and the whole process surprisingly fun. And there’s a huge bonus built into the “eco” part of her business name: she ensures that all your discarded items are handled responsibly. Even damaged clothes and wares I didn’t know how to handle are either recycled or used by someone in need. It felt really good to be a part of her sustainable, eco-friendly mission. I’ve even managed to keep my newly tidy areas tidy!” - Cadien A. Houston, TX

  • “Amy was awesome! My pantry and office are happy places again. She was efficient with her time and truly helped me get organized. I feel much more settled in our new home!” Holly B. Austin, TX

  • “Amy and her assistant, Mary Jo, helped us with move in and organization when we moved into our new home several months ago. These women were life savers! We were so overwhelmed and in the course of a weekend, we had functional bathrooms and kitchen. Our pantry and bedroom closet were organized and ready to go. Mounds of things that we were ready to discard were packed up and carted off for donation. I would definitely use them again without hesitation.” - Cathy C. Houston, TX

  • “Amy is incredible! Working for a large non profit with a small staff, we often don't have time to dedicate focus on organizing our storage closet. She came in and organized every single piece of that closet in a way that made perfect sense to us! Her eye for detail is unmatched. She also worked quickly and efficiently. We can now breathe a sigh of relief when we need to find something in our closet! I would highly reccomend her for any of your organizing needs!” - Aubrey L. Houston, TX

  • “I was adrift for my client entertainment needs until I found Eco-Modern Concierge and Amy Vance stepped in. She was responsive, creative (found me just the right premium experience for myself and my client) and so reasonably priced that I insisted on paying her more than she asked. I can't recommend Eco-Modern Concierge and Amy Vance highly enough.” - Trent M. Bradenton, FL

  • “Amy is the BEST. She’s helped us in more ways than I describe. She’s professional, dependable, organized, pleasant: you can’t possibly find a better person for anything of your concierge jobs. She’s helped us out on at least three occasions, and I know we’ll continue to depend on her in the future.” - Dan B. The Woodlands, TX

  • “Amy was a dream to work with on my project. She was efficient and conservative. She used what I had to help organize, which kept my costs low. I would use her again for sure!” - Sarah S. Houston, TX

  • “They were responsive to my inquiry, made an appointment and were right on time. All commitments were met and they did a great job in organizing my after move donations, and there was a lot. The price is very reasonable and I would not hesitate to hire again.” - Elizabeth H. Houston, TX

  • “Amy from Eco Modern Concierge is amazing!! She helped me organize my closet, bathroom cabinets and a mail area. I was feeling overwhelmed before calling Amy but after Amy came in for her initial consultation, she put my mind at ease. She sent recommendations of bins and trays to buy and helped get everything organized in 3 hours! She was respectful of my space and gave me some great tips on keeping everything organized. The areas look awesome now! I highly recommend Eco Modern Concierge!” - Amberly B. Houston, TX

  • “Phenomenal job organizing my garage. Friendly, collaborative and decisive when necessary. I will definitely use her again.” - Ben B. Houston, TX

  • “I worked alongside Amy for our common client for over a week and saw her work long hours every day to make sure the client was as satisfied as possible during a stressful period. She has a great work ethic and definitely goes the extra mile.” - Bill R. Houston Heights, TX

  • “Amy is independently responsible for taking the task at hand and delivering the result. Having the need for assistance in setting up my home after an international move that left me with much to accomplish in addition to a full professional life, Amy's support was indispensable. I highly recommend her. I trust Amy completely. She provides what is wanted and needed, and does so with respect and thoughtfulness. Definitely engage Amy's services. You and she are worth it.” Jane D. Downtown, Houston, TX

  • “Amy was very professional, a hard worker, and I would definitely hire her again.” - Jenny B. Houston, TX

  • “Amy was terrific! I couldn't have moved without her!" - Shari K. Museum District, Houston, TX

  • “Amy Mayfield of Eco-Modern Concierge is outstanding. She is super dependable and trustworthy. She has amazing organizing skills and is very efficient. You'll love her.” - Kim P. Houston, TX

  • “I can't say enough about Eco-Modern Concierge and, in particular, owner Amy Mayfield. She is, without a doubt, the most efficient strategic organizer I have ever met. She has this amazing ability to look past the clutter and mess, and see all that's possible with any space. What would take me months to do a little at a time, Amy gets done in half a day. I've never seen anything like it. Not only is she an absolute genius at what she does, but she's also one of the most kind, honest people I know. Her talent is only surpassed by her integrity.

    Do yourself a favor -- hire her! Whether you just need a little help sorting through papers, files and objects -- or you need an on-demand personal assistant, Amy is up to the task, and then some!” - Dana Z. Houston, TX