Houston Holiday Planning, Organization & Assistance Services

Forget about holiday rush & have fun with Eco Modern Concierge! We provide a full range of Holiday Services for individuals & businesses to reduce stress for you during the holidays. Call or email Eco Modern and we will help you with your personal or business needs!

Holiday Services

To expand on our regular services we offer a variety of services during the holidays for individuals and business who don’t have time to do tasks or don’t want to do certain tasks!! We can, of course, tailor anything specifically to you or your company. We offer so many different services from gift wrapping to professional organizing to various other personal assistant tasks. Below is more information

We always do this in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible by planning out our routes on a daily basis, using sustainable products, and helping our clients make small changes that will help them do their part for the environment and community. We have a list of resources and service providers that we use in Houston. For larger projects, we bring a team in to work with you. We can help with a wide range of services from personal assistant tasks to professional organizing. Do you need help getting your life organized or need a professional organizer / concierge in your life? Give us a call to get your life, home and/ or business organized. 

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We help individuals and businesses get sh*t DONE, have FUN & reduce stress during the holidays! 

All initial consultations are FREE and are generally 20 minutes.

  •      Gift wrapping services

    • We offer gift wrapping for individuals and businesses. This is a great way to reduce stress and a benefit for you or your employees during the holidays.

      • Individuals - we can help you wrap gifts and get you ready for the holidays

      • Businesses and holiday parties - since this is our first year testing out a new model for business gift wrapping services, we have extremely discounted rates. Send us an email at info@ecomodernconcierge.com for rates and more information as there is 2 options available. This is great for small businesses, departments within larger companies, at holiday parties if you are having guests over, and the list goes on & on. Here is what is included:

        • 2 professional gift wrappers

        • 4 hours, all day or we can customize

        • All supplies

        • Discount if you use our services during the holidays.

        • Company pays a set fee and employees or residents pay the happy gift wrappers in tips OR employees or residents pay for services and we charge per package.

  • Holiday decorating services

  • Errands

  • Address and mail holiday cards

  • Gift research

  • Booking reservations

  • Coordinating holiday activities

  • Buy gifts and customize gift lists for you

  • Ship items

  • Get house organized for the holidays

  • Organize events help

  • Event help set up, errands and behind the scenes help like running to get that extra ice or extra alcohol you need

  • Stock the bar and fridge

  • Wait services

  • THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS. Don’t see it here, just email or call and ask!

Gift Certificates available upon request.

Eco Modern Concierge is bonded & insured.

Our referral service is awesome where you can get a free hour, The Container Store gift card or a donation to your favorite charity.

Please note there is a 3 hour minimum and Eco Modern Concierge requires an agreement to be signed before beginning any work. This includes work in Houston & The Woodlands and surrounding areas, along with outside of the greater Houston areas.