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Are you looking for move manager in Houston? Eco Modern is your best bet! Our team can help you through the whole move process to truly make a difference in your life!

Move Management Houston

So you’re ready to move. The new place is all picked out, the perfect apartment, house, or office space, you’re all paid up, and free from the endless tour of properties. It’s great, but then you remember the move. Organizing the house, packing and unpacking a mountain of boxes, figuring out how to get from A to B. Don’t worry, Eco Modern Concierge is here to help make your move a seamless transition.

With our move management services in Houston, we offer clients the ability to step back from the more frustrating aspects of moving. Move management is pretty similar to hiring a moving company, but as part of our process, we incorporate our signature concierge and organizational services into every aspect of the move. For example, when we pack your home, we take extra measures to ensure that all boxes are sorted and organized according to their contents, shipped and delivered in that same order, and then unpacked and organized around your home to your specifications. We’re even happy to offer this service split into several smaller parts!

If you just need help getting the house in shape before you move out, we can help organize everything and pack it up so you don’t have to stress. Or maybe you need someone at your home to receive and direct movers on how to unpack and set things up. Whatever stage of the move you’re in, Eco Modern Concierge can help you. Spend less time stressed about the move, and more time enjoying your new place. We also work with small businesses and offices to help facilitate moves around the city. Upgrading to a new executive suite? Embracing the minimalist life with a smaller apartment? We’re happy to help.

Moving and Shaking

Working with all kinds of clients, from businesses to new homeowners, has taught us a lot about what people need from a move. And more than anything, it comes down to what we do best, which is organization! We work closely with each client to figure out the exact details of what they want or need done throughout their move management services, but here’s a list of the most common requests:

  • Specially packing and boxing delicates like china, vital documents, and more

  • Pre-pack house purge and organization to help manage the packing process

  • Organizing moving, locating temporary storage, or other necessary intermediary steps

  • Overseeing or wait services for movers, to help unpacking while you’re not home

  • Post move-in organization and assistance with organized unpacking

Moving can be stressful, no matter how big a move it is, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting organized and taking things step by step can make for an incredibly smooth change from place to place, and Eco Modern Concierge can help with every aspect of move management. If you’re getting ready for your next move and want a helping hand, give us a call here!