Houston Concierge Services

Are you looking for professional organizer in Houston? Eco Modern Concierge is your best bet! Our team can help you through the whole organization process to truly make a difference in your life! We provide professional & personal organizing services in Houston, TX & surrounding areas.

Houston Concierge Services

Eco Modern Concierge is here to help you finish that to-do list and tasks you don’t have time to accomplish. Our team understands how day to day life can takeover, and before long, there’s a whole mountain of unfinished tasks looming over your head. It’s stressful, it’s time consuming, it’s something we are happy to help you tackle . We help people get stuff done they don’t have time to do or don’t want to do.

Eco Modern Concierge is bringing Houston and the surrounding areas a wide range of fully bonded and insured services. From homeowners trying to organize their house to businesses eager for a fresh, new look, we’re happy to work with every type of client.

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Business Concierge Service

Sometimes, even a business needs a little help getting everything done. My team and I offer a wide array of services for corporate offices or businesses of any size across the Greater Houston area:

  • Home / property management assistance

  • Errands

  • Wait services

  • Setting appointments or booking trips

  • Corporate housing tasks and assistant help

  • Event organization

The list goes on! Our philosophy is that almost anyone can benefit from a helping hand. Getting organized and having time to focus on the important tasks at work can significantly relieve stress, improve your focus, and productivity. My team provides a professional, experience driven organizing and concierge service to help you achieve peace of mind at home and  the office.

Personal Concierge Service

For those that need personal assistant services, we’re able to help get your life back on track. We’ll run errands like picking up your dry cleaning, mail pickup, grocery shopping, and so much more. The key element is organization. Whether it’s your schedule or your surroundings, we believe in clearing out the clutter and prioritizing efficiency. If you’re interested in a full list of services we offer, or you want to ask about something specific, feel free to contact us!

Virtual and Phone Concierge

Some of our clients don’t need a fully hands-on approach to organizing and personal assistant tasks, instead they just need someone to help them sort things out or design an action plan so they can do it themselves.

With our phone consultation and virtual organization services, we do exactly that. With a few questions and conversations, we can help identify points of concern and areas that can be improved. Once we know the problem, we can help provide you with a game plan to help you get organized, create a routine and have more time to do the things you love.

Organization A to Z

Sometimes people ask what exactly we do as a personal concierge service, and the answer is a little bit of everything. Whether it’s a small and simple, like helping someone collect their mail while they’re out of town, or something big like an annual event for a whole company. If someone could benefit from an extra set of hands, or a more organized eye, it might be a job for us.

Not everyone is inclined towards organization, and some people are simply so busy that they don’t feel like they have time to recollect and organize everything. Instead of putting it off or resigning to disorganization, we’re here to help you get sh*t done!

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Prices start at $85 per hour during normal business hours and nights & weekends are higher, depending on where you are located in Houston and the Woodlands / surrounding areas. We can assist you with every part of organization, including shopping for any organizing  design plan options you may need.

There may be a mileage charge starting at $35 for every round trip of 30 to 50 miles, and travel to other states and cities in Texas do have separate travel rates.